Come to Tofino not just to surf, but to change how you surf.


These camps are specifically designed to improve your surfing. With lots of time in the water, coaching from experienced surf instructors, video analysis and 'Fit to Rip' classes, you will leave this holiday with the skills and knowledge needed to make you a better surfer sooner.

Refine your technique. Catch a ton of waves. Meet new people. Eat good food. And enjoy everything Tofino has to offer!

**Suitable for the advanced-beginner to intermediate surfers. For this holiday, we require that you are able to paddle out back and can catch green waves. What you do on it doesn't matter (yet!). Whatever your level - whether you're working on trimming, carving, creating speed, starting on your turns, cut backs, cross stepping, etc... you can always improve. This is your chance to fast track and become a better surfer sooner!

Beginners check out these camps!!

What's included...

  • 3 nights accommodation in standard double queen rooms at Jamie’s Rainforest Inn (2-3 people per room).

  • 3 breakfasts and 2 dinners (one night out and a beach BBQ).

  • 3 surf lessons with qualified and experienced Surf Sister Instructors.

  • 3 'Fit to Rip' sessions to improve your paddling and your pop-up.

  • Video analysis.

  • Evening surf sessions.

  • Theory on wave formation, rips and surf forecasting.


The Cost.

$899CAD/person (+5%gst)

Already have a place to stay? Inquire about our rate without accommodation! 

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The Schedule.

Day 1

  • Arrive and check in at Jamie’s Rainforest Inn sometime in the afternoon/evening. No rush. Take your time. Enjoy your drive. Stop in Coombs and at the Cathedral Forest for some good site seeing.
  • Go for a little free surf. Chill. Meet everyone. Have some dinner. Settle.

Day 2

  • 700am 'Fit to Rip' session to improve your paddling techniques. (Exploring rotation and shoulder mobility.)
  • Breakfast!
  • 900-1200pm. Theory and surfing.
  • Lunch and free time.
  • Afternoon ‘Fit To Rip’ session to improve your paddling techniques. (Finding better support when lying on your board)
  • PM Free surf to practice what you learned that morning.
  • DINNER and a maybe a drink or two!!

** Subject to change!

Day 3

  • Breakfast.
  • 830-1130am. Theory and surfing.
  • Lunch and free time.
  • Afternoon ‘Fit To Rip’ session to master your pop-up.
  • PM Free surf.
  • BBQ and video analysis.

Day 4

  • Breakfast.
  • 830-1130am. Theory and surfing.
  • Check out and head home probably dreaming of surfing and making a plan on how to move to Tofino...

The Surfing.

Tofino is becoming well known all around the world for its consistent waves and stunning landscape. The waves are perfect for learning in and are a great size to challenge intermediate surfers who are starting to go across the face of the wave and beginning to turn. This holiday will allow you to learn the proper techniques so that your surfing improves quickly and without picking up bad form and habits!

The Fit to Rip Classes.

These classes are train your brain and body specifically in the movements you do while surfing. Everything you do is a habit. The more you refine your habits and patterns, the better your surfing will become. The trick is to train on land so that in the water it becomes second nature making you an efficient, stronger, better surfer sooner!

The Accommodations.

Jamie’s Rainforest Inn sits on 4 acres of beautiful old growth coastal rainforest with easy access to our private waterfront (located on the inlet side of the Tofino peninsula). There are easy walking trails all over the property making this the perfect location to be fully immersed in the natural beauty that Tofino offers.

Rooms have two queen size beds and a private bathroom as well a fridge and microwave. 2 people per room.

Getting To Tofino.

You are responsible for getting yourself to Tofino. If you want to carpool, please let us know. We can put you in touch with fellow folks who are from your area.

Have more questions!? CONTACT US!