The 6 lessons that will change how you surf.

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Paddle Like a Pro – Finding better extension.

If you surf, then chances are you spend more time paddling then you do actually surfing, so having a strong, efficient paddle is key. The two paddle like a pro lessons alone will dramatically change how you surf, helping you catch more waves, get out back quicker and keep those shoulders mobile and happy so that you can surf a lifetime with few shoulder issues!

There are 4 major movements required to be efficient in your paddling. Extension/back bending, rotation, shoulder mobility and side bending. This lesson explores extension.

Your paddling will improve drastically if you can consistently keep your body in a strong, supportive, arched position on your board. When your body is out of position, you put unnecessary pressure and strain on your neck, shoulders, and arms.

The result may be back, neck and/or shoulder issues. Plus chances are you tire quicker than you’d like, and feel like you’re always having a paddle battle.

Change how you lie on your board and your wave count will go up, you'll last longer, and you won't have to deal with the usual aches and issues!


Paddle Like a Pro – Exploring Shoulder Mobility and Rotation.

In this lesson you will explore the other 3 key movements that are required in paddling: rotation, shoulder mobility and side bending.

By increasing the range of motion in your shoulder joint and learning to incorporate the rotation of your torso with the movement in your arms. You will draw power from your center, reach further, and put less stress on your shoulders and your arms.

In this lesson you will also play with a number of different movements in your shoulder joint to help free up your shoulder blade, and the joint itself.


Quick to Pop up –  Exploring Balance, Coordination, Flexibility and Mobility.

This lesson will get you doing some pretty random, weird movements, but it's arguably the best way to warm up and prepare you for surfing. By finding better support and balance, and learning to lighten up your limbs, not only will your pop up become quicker, but you will feel all around more mobile and available to move with freedom and ease.


Where you look is where you go! – Eye/body coordination and rotation.

Where you look is where you go! It’s that easy. The trick is to organize the rest of your body so that where your eyes go, the rest of your body follows smoothly.

Having the ability to rotate freely allows you to make quicker, radical, more complete turns which allows you to look damn stylish and in control out there!


It’s all in the Hips – Discovering better Hip Mobility.

Lets face it. Your hips are probably tight. And tight hips slow you down and limit your ability to move freely. Free up those hips and not only will your pop-up improve, but so will your availability to compress, extend and rotate making maneuvering your board way easier.

Can’t go wrong with opening your hips!


It’s in your Foundation – Finding your Feet.

Your board moves because of the change of pressure in your feet. The more available all the little bones and joints in your feet are to react to what the rest of your body is doing, the quicker your board will react.

When you start to play with initiating movement from your feet, you will start to discover that the rest of your body follows along and your movements become smoother, lighter and quicker, which really influences how you can control your board.