How Can 'Fit to Rip' Help You?

  • Improve your paddling so that you get out back quicker, catch more waves and have less back and shoulder issues
  • Discover greater balance, coordination and flexibility
  • Cause.
Making the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy elegant.
— Moshe Feldenkrais

Why do it??

Do you want to be a better surfer? Do you want to improve your style and technique, and step it up a notch? 

Lets face it. Surfing is hard. The time it takes to improve and ‘figure it out’ can seem like forever. In other sports you have endless time to practice and refine your technique. But in surfing you sometimes have as little as a few seconds to attempt what it is you’re working on.

The trick is to train your brain and your body on land so that in the water it becomes second nature.

'Fit to Rip' will teach you how to be more efficient and effective. You will discover how to improve your paddling technique, learn how to pop up quicker, find better eye/body coordination, gain more control of your board and have all around better balance, coordination, and mobility.

If you want to be a better surfer you have to refine your technique. Willing to give it a shot!?

How Does 'Fit to Rip' Work? 

Think of it as training your brain and body. These lessons are based on The Feldenkrais Method, which in a nut shell works with your nervous system and is about exploring what your patterns and habits are, teaching you how to be more efficient and effective in your movements. 

Think about it. Everything you do is based on a learned pattern. A habit. The more you learn to refine your habits the more the muscles that are meant to fire when they are meant to do their job will do so when required instead of being busy over compensating and holding on for dear life... easier your movements will become. Really it's so simple that it somehow becomes so complex.