What's included...

  • 7 nights accommodation (double occupancy)
  • All meals (minus 1 dinner on the chef’s night off)
  • Surf Guiding and Transportation
  • Video Analysis
  • Daily Fit to Rip classes designed specifically to refine the movements you do while surfing.
  • Optional morning meditation/concentration classes
  • 4 Yoga classes to help balance out all the surfing
  • Access to test out different FCS (fin) and Tuflite Travel Surfboards
  • 3/2 Wetsuit
  • A Trip to Paradise Valley (if the surf is crap)
  • Airport pick up and drop off (from Agadir Airport)

** Flight not included.

The Cost.

Regularly $1699CAD/person. (approx. £960 / €1210 / $1485USD)

Last minute special! Save 20%.

$1415CAD/person. (approx. £780 / €995 / $1215USD)

All taxes included.

The Surf.

The Tagahzout region is blessed with a multi-aspect coastline which means on any given day a wide range of waves can be found to suit the whole spectrum of abilities. Likewise there are spots to suit an array of swell, tide, and wind variations.

During the winter months ( October - March)  the waves that have made Morocco famous come to life and world class surf and leg achingly long rides are a everyday occurrence.

The Accommodation.

Villa Mandala is located in a small Moroccan town called Aourir, also known as Banana Village, which is about 40 minutes from the Agadir International Airport, and 10 minutes from Taghazout - Morocco's well known, tiny surf town.

The area immediately surrounding Villa Mandala is not a tropical paradise but the sea views are beautiful and great beaches are in walking distance. It is a distinctly North African beachside location that is susceptible to the constant natural and man made changes that rapidly occur in the developing world. Its part of the experience and its what makes Villa Mandala a true gem hidden off the beaten track and Banana Village’s best kept secret!

The large, private ocean front terrace has plenty of space for basking in the sun by Mandala’s pool or lazy afternoons in shady spots. Seconds from fantastic surf of Banana Point, Onze and Douze, Mandala incorporates privacy and a soulful individuality.

The roof top terrace has a stunning wooden yoga shala and is the perfect place to sunbathe, chill out or have a drink at sunset. Downstairs there is a big living area with large sofas, tv, satellite, lots of films, wireless internet, books to read and games to play.

The atmosphere is laid back, fun and friendly. The terrace and pool area are the perfect place to have breakfast in front of the surf, or enjoy a few drinks in the evening.

Villa Mandala is a special place for a unique and unforgettable holiday.

Need more info? Contact us with any questions you may have!


So... What level of surfer do I have to be?

For this holiday, we require that you are able to paddle out back and can catch green waves. What you do on it doesn't matter (yet!). Whatever your level - whether you're working on trimming, creating speed, starting on your turns, cut backs, floaters, snaps, cross stepping, etc... you can always improve. This is your chance to fast track and become a better surfer sooner!

When are the best waves in Morocco and how cold’s the water!?

Thanks to the winter storms in the Northern hemisphere the waves are best from Nov-March! The water can be cool. You’ll need to wear a 3/2. 

What about Ebola?

Yes. It’s true. Ebola has hit Western Africa and no one really knows what will happen. BUT there have been no cases in Morocco, or in any of the other bordering countries. http://www.who.int/csr/disease/ebola/en/

The Food.

We all know how important food is. Because, lets face it, the next best thing to surfing is eating!


Wake to the aroma of freshly brewed Moroccan coffee and hot fresh bread from the village bakery. Enjoy local honey, jams, yoghurts, eggs, crepes and a rainbow platter of seasonal fruits.


Lunch is a delicious picnic on the beach between surfs. Freshly filled baguettes, tasty pastas, chicken, meat & cheese salads, sweet energy boosting treats and fresh fruit will help you make the most of your time in the surf.


Our local chefs provide fantastic and varied feasts every night which are the perfect end to a day in the surf. After a tasty selection of tapas and starters, meals range from Moroccan tagines, kebabs, couscous and salads, to barbecues, vegetarian options, fresh fish and a delicious variety of international and Moroccan dishes to suit every palate.