An All-Inclusive Surf Camp in Morocco

January 3-10th, 2015
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This holiday will change how you surf. 

Morocco is the perfect place for you to take your surfing to the next level. Filled with endless right hand point breaks and friendly beach breaks, there are plenty of waves to be had to practice technique, push yourself or just cruise and have fun!

With daily ‘Fit to Rip’ classes you will learn to paddle with greater ease and power, pop-up quicker and have better balance, coordination and control of your board. It’s all about refining your technique by training your brain and body on land so that in the water it all becomes second nature.

The local surf guides will take you to all the best spots. You’ll have access to a whole quiver of different boards, and from the tips you’ll receive from the ‘Fit to Rip’ classes and video analysis sessions your surfing will improve more quickly than you ever thought possible!

Oh. And then there’s the amazing food to eat. Drinks to be drank. Cozy Villa Mandala to call home. Local areas to explore. And cool people to meet.

How can you not go!!?

Suitable for advanced beginner to intermediate surfers.

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