Here’s some answers to some questions...


What type of lessons are these? A workout? A fitness class? A stretching session? What should I expect??

These lessons are unique!!

Each lesson is specific to a certain movement done while surfing. It's the opportunity for you to refine and train yourself to move in more efficient ways so that muscles fire when their meant to fire and lengthen when they're meant to lengthen. Yes, there's some strengthening involved. And you'll gain mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination. Some of the lessons are all about small, mellow movements where you feel like you're doing very little. Others are a bit more active. Regardless of how the lesson unfolds the intention isn't to sweat, stretch or do 'exercise'. Instead it's the opportunity to be curious and learn how you can move to your greater potential.

Read more on the lessons here.


How often should I do these lessons?

It’s totally up to you! Obviously the more you do something, the more your body learns to refine and improve. Every now and then is beneficial, weekly would be incredible. Daily would probably change your life!

It’s important to remember that every time you do a lesson, you should approach it as if you’ve never done it before. The less you think you know about where you’re going and what you’re doing, the more open you to learning the new and unknown.


Should I do them in a certain order?

Nope. If you feel you need help on your paddling technique, then focus on the lessons that are designed to improve your paddling. If you're feeling limited in your hips, do the hip opener lesson. If you don't know what you need, do any of the lessons!

Regardless of what you decide to do, you will benefit. One thing to take note of is that the lesson you don’t like, or struggle with the most, is probably the one you’ll benefit from the most. Confusion is learning at its best.


I’ve only surfed a couple of times. Can I do the series?

YES!! No matter your level this series will benefit you.

For those just learning – or wanting to learn, this is the great opportunity to start off with a solid pop up, an efficient paddle, and better balance and coordination. 

For those who have been surfing for a while this is the opportunity for you to break those habits that are holding you back and limiting you from really charging.

Pro? Lets face it. You can always learn to refine, and improve. We all have our limitations.


I'm injured. Can I still do the series??

YES! This is a great way to help you recover and get you ready for getting back in the water.

When we injure ourselves, we often protect the injured area. As we recover, often the injured area has healed, but we still move in ways that protect the past injury.

By doing the series while you’re injured or after you’ve recovered, it allows you to learn how to move as a whole again instead of constantly protecting and limiting yourself.

Something to remember… Pain is a sign that you’re body is telling you to back off. It’s not about pushing through pain. Pain is not ok. Do less. Because often less is more.


I don't surf. Can I still benefit from the series?

YES!! We can all learn to live in greater comfort, have better mobility and be more efficient in what we do. Though this series has been put together relative to the movements done while surfing, quality of movement is important in everything we do! No matter what you do, or who you are you will greatly benefit from this series.

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