Thanks so much. That lesson was super awesome. I’m in a giddy daze right now from it. And not to be a mega cheeze ball but I just have a super outlook on some things that I’ve had a very not super outlook on recently. For some reason it all makes sense now. I don’t know why. I just feel good!
— Hanna Scott, 2014 Queen of the Peak Shortboard Champ!

Nicole Lohse.

Yoga Teacher.

Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Surf Instructor.


I'm Nicole. The voice that will guide you through the series.

My passions are surfing, traveling, living abroad, good adventures, napping, dinner parties, games nights, hazelnut tortes, chocolate and nutella. My dislikes are windshield wipers going when there's no rain, hair on soap, olives, and tomatoes (all though I'm trying to get over all that). 

I started surfing while living in Australia back in 2004. I was a young snowboard punk who thought longboarding was for old people. As a result I struggled and flailed around on my short board for years, thinking I was cool when really I was just a major kook.

Now, having dedicated time and committing to life in and around the ocean I have gained a whole new appreciation for surfing (longboarding included) and the lifestyle that come with it.

I have discovered over the years that so many surfers struggle with the same issues and limitations and have similar injuries (myself included). The Feldenkrais Method taught me that there are easier, more efficient ways, and that those common injuries and issues don't have to limit surfers anymore!

My passion for surfing and natural ability to teach and connect with people, combined with my knowledge and understanding of what our bodies are capable of make my classes and camps one of a kind. Come find out for yourself!

My goal is to help you recognize the ability you have to improve, evolve, feel confident and ready to live and surf to your full potential.